Into The Hive Mind

Embark on a learning journey Into the Hive Mind.

Learn about the Bees

Observing the bee.
From latin observare (“To note, guard or keep").

We observe the movement and sounds of the Bee in flight and study plant pollination, apiculture and traditional knowledge.

Bees, above all things love harmony, and many have observed, that in their Singing, Humming and Buzzing, they produce the notes of music in the most exact manner, keeping their Stops, Rings and Falls, and have something in their sounds that resemble each particular note used in Vocal and Instrumental Music, and are so attentive to Harmonious sounds, especially that are soft and sweet. They understand each other by Notes, and answer in harmonious strains, having as it were a sweet language among them.

- The History of Bees, Charles Butler

Environmental Education

Learn about the special relationship between bees, plants and humans, including the process of pollination for food cultivation and biodiversity.

"Bees are the voice of mother earth. These ancient creatures work tirelessly as pollinators for plants and flowers, bringing nourishment and vitality to the animal kingdom. They heal our souls through their sacred medicines and remind our spirit of the true interconnectedness of all life."

— Colony Bees