Bee Guardian Gathering - Northern Rivers '22

Bee Guardian Gathering - Northern Rivers '22

Northern Rivers community welcomes wild bees to pollinate country


27th of November, 2022. The Bee Guardians community gathered in Newrybar to celebrate the opening of the first Community Bee Sanctuary in the Northern Rivers.

Over 60 environmentally interested locals joined to explore the art of Bee Culture through hive art, pollinator talks, and a documentary screening of ´Queen of The Sun´.

Colony Bees activated the first of 189 Bee Sanctuary sites by planting 15 pollinator-friendly plants and homing two native species of bees (Apis Mellifera and Tetragonula Carbonaria) that will pollinate over 6,000 flowers per day.

This bee conservation site, created by Bee Guardians, will protect the pollinator ecosystem by cultivating a healthy bee habitat.

We give thanks to Burringbar Rainforest Nursery, Moku Collective, Beautiflora, and the team of volunteers for their contribution.

We are calling on the community to become Bee Guardians to create the next Bee Sanctuary and join our upcoming actions.

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