The Mission

We learn, we protect, we cultivate.

When we work with the Bee, we listen to the song, the hum of the nest and the voice of our ancestors who teach us thee way to pollinate and protect country. The bees exist for us within an interweaving system of kinship in being. Bees themselves, all other animals, plants, the stars, the land, and bodies of water are all part of the reality of country. We share in the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestral past, and reinforce it through sound, art, and experience. 

The impact of the Bee Guardians

Guardians of the Bee impact this season:

The role of bees in protecting the land through the pollination of plants is depicted throughout apiculture heritage across the world. In establishing 22 new bee sanctuaries we have cultivated over 1.3 Million bees. Through this method of bee guardianship we may see swarms, once, twice or even thrice based on their vitality and the pollination needs of the land.

This season 505 students participated in the Guardian of the Bee education program to learn and explore our individual and unified responsibility for the health of plants and pollinating insects and animals.