Tales from the Hive - Volume 1

Tales from the Hive - Volume 1

In our first Tales from the Hive series, we share a heart-warming story of calling in the Bees from the Butler family, in Northern NSW, Australia.

"My family has always been a little bee curious and appreciative, yet we haven't really explored the world of bees until now. And gosh are we so surprised (especially me) at the absolute joy and awe they are bringing into our life. At home we have myself; Jen, my wife, 3-year-old son and choccy labrador. We live in a smallish townhouse/duplex in East Ballina and over the last 5 years have been trying to grow a thriving garden, ecosystem and outdoor living space. Looking after, respecting and being in harmony with mother nature and all her inhabitants is really important to us. Whilst buying our weekly fruit and veg at Byron Farmers Market late in 2022 I came across the Colony Bees. Unsure at first, but very interested I signed up. It seemed to be that lovely timing that can occur and I jumped in.

The Colony Bees founders have been so warm and welcoming, sharing knowledge and guiding us on setting up an inviting and hospitable space for the bees. In late January the hive was delivered and I planned to make the recommended adjustments including adding some extra plants and a water fountain, hoping the bees may join us in spring. We were so surprised and elated when only 4 days later, coming home from camping we had new guests; the European bees had arrived. Squealing, dancing and hugging followed and since then, daily bee watching is a must. We are now doing more research about bees, further changing some of our consumption practices and looking forward to the ongoing learning and relationship."

- Jennifer Butler, Bee Guardian

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