Colony [ kol-uh-nee ] noun.

The Colony Bees is a vision for a renewed earth and community of people who observe, protect and cultivate the bee. Formed in 2021, Colony Bees was born to pollinate plants and share knowledge. This creation is an acknowledgment of the gifts of the bee and their healing medicine. 

The bees exist for us within an interweaving system of kinship in being. Bees themselves, all other animals, plants, the stars, the land, and bodies of water are all part of the reality of country. We share in the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestral past, and reinforce it through sound, art, and experience.

The bees play an essential role in the vitality of Earth. A role of pollination, purification and peacemaking. Bees carry pollen from flower to flower bringing new life to the biosphere and creating nourishing food for the animal kingdom. Their symbiotic relationship with plants teach us how to unite in harmony with the land.

Their remedies also play an important role in our collective wellbeing. From medicinal substances of honey, wax, propolis, royal jelly, venom and pollen, to the pure air that surrounds the hive. The creations of bees are highly therapeutic for the human body, mind and soul.

The health of the Queen is essential the the lifeblood of the nest and their evolutionary power rests within the Queens ability to evolve in a protected environment. As keepers the protection of the queen guides our actions and with deep connection to the land we can trust in Spirit of the Hive to guide our practice.

Spencer White

Spencer White, born into a conservation community, carries a deep respect for the land and a strong connection to the community. The Colony Bees project was born to unite a community of bee activists and honey hunters who build trust in the ancient evolutionary wisdom of the hive.

During his time with Colony Bees, Spencer has learned from beekeepers throughout the world to explore the ancient craft and knowledge of natural beekeeping, apitherapy, and bee conservation. He believes that by honoring the bee spirit, we will improve our relationship with the land that nourishes us all.

After his education in Sustainability at the University of Tasmania, Spencer explored the knowledge of Natural Beekeeping and also studied Sacred Beekeeping with the College of Melissae. He recently attended the Apimondia Silvatica Conference 2022 to discuss wild bee conservation across the world and expand his passion for bees, plants, and humans.

What is natural beekeeping?

The oldest craft under the sun.

Natural beekeepers follow the principals used in traditional honey hunting for they hold cultural significance beyond the process of harvesting. Today the union between keeper and bee shares intention for earthly vitalisation through pollination, swarming, and resonance. Listen and observe the bees to find intuitive indications of best practice through sound, seasonality and activity. The hunting of nutritional hive products such as honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly offers the nutrients necessary for the continuation of the craft. When keeping bees in the home and garden, we honour their presence.

Environmental Education

Learn about the special relationship between bees, plants and humans, including the process of pollination for food cultivation and biodiversity.

"Bees are the voice of mother earth. These ancient creatures work tirelessly as pollinators for plants and flowers, bringing nourishment and vitality to the animal kingdom. They heal our souls through their sacred medicines and remind our spirit of the true interconnectedness of all life."

Colony Bees