Frequently asked questions

What is Pollinate Country?

Pollinate Country explores the ancient ecological bond that we humans share with bees and plants. Through this connection we can learn and explore our individual and unified responsibility for the health of the land. And ultimately contribute to the lands capacity for self renewal. Pollinate Country bridges environmental conservation with traditional cultural practice through a direct action campaign to improve the genetic resilience of wild and native bee species.

What is the process of getting a Beehive?

You can easily desribe the process in six steps:

  1. Prepare - Prepare a protected area of 1 x 3 metres to active a nest. 
  2. Learn - Learn the skills of being a Guardian. Read more here.
  3. Water - Ensure Close proximity to water within 1km.
  4. Planting - Begin planting Local flowering plants in your garden 
  5. Welcome - Set up your nest at the beginning of spring.
  6. Harvest - Harvesting pure honeycomb from your hive is another memorable milestone with us, full of gratitude for the healing gifts we receive from the hive.