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Every dollar will go directly into our work in pollinating the country.

"Bees are the voice of mother earth. These ancient creatures work tirelessly as pollinators for plants and flowers, bringing nourishment and vitality to the animal kingdom. They heal our souls through their sacred medicines and remind our spirit of the true interconnectedness of all life."

- Colony Bees

Get your own Beehive

Create a sanctuary for the bee to Pollinate Country and vitalise the ecology of your environment through enhanced pollination of plants. Call a swarm into your space, connect with the bees, pollinate plants and harvest your own honey. We provide you with the knowledge to care for the bees along with seasonal bee services.

We focus on integrating natural beekeeping principles to ensure optimal bee health, community biodiversity and local food production.

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Swarm Homing

If you found the Bees - The Swarm homing service protects nests of bees while relocating them from wall cavities, homes and gardens into a protected sanctuary or released into the wild.

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