Pollinator School Education Program

The Colony Bees Environmental Educational School Program is designed to share the message of the bees with the youth of Australia with a methodology focused on experience and storytelling to explore the art and science of Apiculture, Natural Beekeeping and Bee conservation.

Byron Bay Public School

Our inaugural Bee Guardian Education Class with the students of Byron Bay Public School, to learn the way of the wild bees and exploring Maths, Art, Language and Storytelling through Apiculture. 

As we met with the students of Byron Bay Public school, we discussed the importance of bees in our community for pollination and their important role in food cultivation. We would like to thank the teachers, volunteers and students for a wonderful day.

17 Kingsley St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Teams Program

The Colony Bees teams program are interactive educational sessions to encourage sustainability through bee conservation.

Training includes raw honeycomb tasting, sustainability training and discussion to help protect bees in your community.