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Traditional Langstroth Beehive

Traditional Langstroth Beehive

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Introducing the Langstroth Beehive: A Traditional Hive for Natural Beekeepers. Perfect for anyone beginning their journey with bees, for improving bee health, honey hunting and pollination.

Discover the pinnacle of beekeeping excellence, designed by Lozano Langstroth in 1851, our Langstroth Beehive is meticulously designed to cater to both Natural Beekeepers and Guardians alike. Crafted with precision this beehive is a testament to the harmonious coexistence between bee and beekeeper.


Native honeybee Apis.Mellifera.A, a strong and resilient bee well suited to the Australian climate, flora and habitat.

Seasonal Hive Care

Let our team of professional bee guardians assist you with maintaining a healthy nest and harvesting. 

Colony Bees seasonal hive care will tend to your bees, including an annual honey harvest, spring clean, winter health check and summer expansion opportunities. 

  1. Phone Call -  Welcome New Bee Guardian Call 
  2. Postage - Receive your Welcome pack and Into the Hive Mind Booklet to begin your learning  
  3. Email - Prepare your garden Beginning Steps
  4. Follow up/Ready Check - Ready to go confirmation, final preparations
  5. Hive arrival - placed into garden (Hives may arrive empty for a swarm activation or arrive active with bees, season and location dependent)
  6. Hive care begins 
  7. First Honey Harvest 

Product ships within 6 weeks of order, for faster delivery contact us directly.

Delivery Australia Wide is $170 added at checkout or select local pick up from the Byron Bay Bee Sanctuary, Newrybar, Bundjalung.

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Key Features

Designed for Care:

The Langstroth Beehive boasts a modular structure, allowing for effortless hive management. The hive consists of stackable boxes with frames, providing a systematic and organized approach to beekeeping. This design enables beekeepers to inspect, harvest, and maintain colonies with minimal disruption to the bees.

Versatile Honey Harvests:

Our beehive features a versatile frame system that accommodates standard-sized frames, simplifying compatibility with existing equipment. This adaptability ensures a smooth integration into your beekeeping routine, making it an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade or expand their apiary.

Wellbeing and Comfort:

The Langstroth Beehive prioritizes the health and well-being of bees. The frame spacing promotes natural bee movement and allows for efficient colony growth. With ample space for brood rearing and honey storage, this beehive supports a thriving and healthy bee community.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction:

Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our Langstroth Beehive is built to withstand the elements. The hive's durability ensures longevity, providing a reliable and secure environment for your bees year-round.

Air Ventilation:

Equipped with thoughtful ventilation features, the Langstroth Beehive promotes optimal airflow, helping regulate temperature and humidity within the hive. Additionally, the design includes provisions for effectively safeguarding your bees from potential threats.

Natural Beekeeping:

Embrace environmentally conscious beekeeping with our Langstroth Beehive. The sustainable materials and design not only prioritize the well-being of your bees but also contribute to the broader effort of promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and apiculture.

Begin your journey of beekeeping excellence with a Traditional Langstroth Beehive. Elevate your garden apiary, protect wild bees, and experience a hive that harmonizes functionality, durability, and sustainability, all while fostering a thriving and healthy bee community.


How much is delivery?

Shipping Australia Wide is $170 added at checkout. 

Or select local pick up from the Byron Bay Bee Sanctuary, Newrybar, Bundjalung,