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In the great southern land live the wild bees of many tribal nations.

In time the Honeybee of East and West evolved in kinship through processes of gene flow, genetic drift, natural selection.

Through swarming, migratory patterns and nesting habits, this species of honeybee developed advanced characteristics and became a unique species of the Apis genus. An endemic species naturally resilient and adaptable to living on and pollinating this country.

This species is now an important contributor to the pollination of native plants and local organic food. Biodiversity hotspots are now emerging showing geographical regions that harbour greater populations of this endemic species of Honeybee.

As part of the campaign to Pollinate Country a conservation strategy will be developed to assess the distribution of these endemic honeybees as well as nest availability and temporal migration patterns. Through this design, will also be the construction and maintenance of the Apicentre. A nature sanctuary kept forever wild for the protection of the Bee.

Create your own Bee Sanctuary

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Photo: Ancient Top Bar honeybee hive

Create your Bee Sanctuary

A Bee Sanctuary is an activated nest of bees in a protected garden, using traditional hives and natural beekeeping practice.

These sanctuaries serve as safe havens for bee colonies, providing an environment free from pesticides and other harmful substances that can threaten their well-being. The primary goal of a Bee Sanctuary is to support the conservation of bee populations by promoting biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and the overall health of the ecosystem.

Photo: Traditional Langstroth honeybee hive

What is required from me?

  • 1 x 3 metre protected area for an active nest
  • An active Bee Guardian to observe and guard the nest
  • Close proximity to water within 1km
  • Local flowering plants within 3km

Host a bee sanctuary

Create a sanctuary for the bee to Pollinate Country and vitalise the ecology of your environment through enhanced pollination of plants. Call a swarm into your space, connect with the bees, pollinate plants and harvest your own honey. We provide you with the knowledge to care for the bees along with seasonal bee services.

We focus on integrating natural beekeeping principles to ensure optimal bee health, community biodiversity and local food production.

The Bee Sanctuary process can easily be described in five steps:

Meet the bees

Choose from our favourite Australian native Honeybees or Stingless sugarbag bees.

Select nesting box or log

Choose between three different hives that we offer.

  1. Original Australian Tetragonula hive
  2. Traditional Langstroth honeybee hive
  3. Ancient Top Bar honeybee hive

Prepare your sanctuary

Create the perfect space to ensure you keep a happy and healthy bee colony. You can also request we design and build a bee sanctuary with more than one beehive. Our professional beekeeping skills will assess:

  • Sun path
  • Bee flight path
  • Hive orientation
  • Season and climate
  • Local nectar and pollen resources
  • Water source

Welcome the bees

Honour the bees arrival to your space and hold our special bee guardian celebration with:

  • Interactive bee experience
  • Apiculture workshop
  • Honeycomb tasting

Meditative harvest

Harvesting pure honeycomb from your hive is another memorable milestone with us, full of gratitude for the healing gifts we receive from the hive.