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Top Bar Kenyan Hive

Top Bar Kenyan Hive

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Introducing the Natural Top Bar Kenyan Beehive, a sustainable and bee-friendly solution for beekeeping enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals. Crafted with precision and designed for both functionality and environmental harmony, this beehive offers a unique approach to beekeeping inspired by traditional Kenyan hive designs.

By choosing our Natural Top Bar Kenyan Beehive, you're not only investing in a sustainable and bee-friendly beekeeping solution but also contributing to the well being of the environment and the vitality of bee populations. Join us in promoting ethical and eco-conscious beekeeping practices with this thoughtfully designed beehive.


Native honeybee Apis.Mellifera.A, a strong and resilient bee well suited to the Australian climate, flora and habitat.

Seasonal Hive Care

Let our team of professional bee guardians assist you with maintaining a healthy nest and harvesting. 

Colony Bees seasonal hive care will tend to your bees, including an annual honey harvest, spring clean, winter health check and summer expansion opportunities. 

  1. Phone Call -  Welcome New Bee Guardian Call 
  2. Postage - Receive your Welcome pack and Into the Hive Mind Booklet to begin your learning  
  3. Email - Prepare your garden Beginning Steps
  4. Follow up/Ready Check - Ready to go confirmation, final preparations
  5. Hive arrival - placed into garden (Hives may arrive empty for a swarm activation or arrive active with bees, season and location dependent)
  6. Hive care begins 
  7. First Honey Harvest 

Product ships within 6 weeks of order, for faster delivery contact us directly.

Delivery Australia Wide is $220 added at checkout or select local pick up from the Byron Bay Bee Sanctuary, Newrybar, Bundjalung.

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Key Features

Natural and Sustainable:

The top bar beehive is constructed from high-quality local timber, promoting a natural environment for your bees. The use of sustainable materials ensures the longevity of the hive while minimizing its environmental impact.

Kenyan Design:

The hive follows the time-tested Kenyan top bar design, a method known for its simplicity and effectiveness in promoting natural bee behavior. The sloped top bars provide bees with a more natural comb-building experience, fostering a healthier colony.

Hive Care:

The top bar design simplifies hive opening and services. The removal of individual bars allows for hive care, minimizing disruption to their daily activities.

Harvesting Simplicity:

Harvesting Honeycombs is a special experience with the top bar design.

Educational Resource:

Our Natural Top Bar Kenyan Beehive is also an educational center. The transparent observation window allows beekeepers to observe the bees at work, making it an excellent resource for learning and teaching about the fascinating world of bees.


How much is delivery?

Delivery Australia Wide is $220 added at checkout.

Or select local pick up from the Byron Bay Bee Sanctuary, Newrybar, Bundjalung.